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Steve Hall

graphic designer & art for ads, logos & identities

creative graphic design


Over 45 years experience with national, regional and local companies, including law firms, professional services companies, and clients in finance, publishing, and higher education.

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what clients say:

"Steve Hall is a highly skilled designer with an uncanny ability to take a verbal concept, peer into your mind and translate it into exactly what you imagined, except better".  

"Not once have we ever had to say: “Nope, this isn’t what we had in mind,” because what Steve produces is always better than what we had in mind. In addition, his engaging personality and spirit of fun make him a talent that we eagerly look forward to working with on future projects."

prompt, reliable service

accurate estimates and schedules

Work delivered promptly without fuss, hand wringing and harrumphing.

Recent Projects
Leesfield Scolaro Trial Magazine adv
Lift-Rx logo for Boat lift and dock repair and installation
Common Sense logo
Full page national ad for trial law firm in South Carolina
Ad for regional mediation law firm
Elm Street Wood Working logo
About Steve

Quick Bio

Born in Cape Cod in 1952 and raised in the midwest, Steve graduated late-in-life from the University of Central Florida in 2016, majoring in creative writing and art history (clearly not worried about embarking on a lifelong career with great income potential).

He moved to Florida in 1974, living in Miami through 1998 and Merritt Island until 2021. Steve and his wife Susan currently live in the Fernandina Beach Historic District on Amelia Island in Florida just north of Jacksonville.

Steve's Career and Work

Steve has worked as a graphic designer for over 45 years. He began as a journeyman printer and typesetter in his early 20's and graduated to ad agency art departments, working with talented art directors and illustrators. He started his graphic design business in 1977.

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A turning point in his career, he attended the month-long Illustrator's Workshop in Tarrytown New York in 1977 and studied under Alan Cober, Bernie Fuchs, Bob Heindel, Fred Otnes, Mark English, and Bob Peak. Following the workshop he focused on editorial illustration, working for the Miami Herald's Tropic Magazine and Miami Magazine.

He also continued his work as a graphic designer for a variety of national, regional, and local clients. These included foundations, law firms, colleges, universities, and tech companies.

Today, Steve works regularly with national law firms, professionals, and service companies. Today he accepts assignments for logos, identities, and advertising.

Steve's passion is cartooning and illustrating. He previously worked as a freelance editorial cartoonist for Gannett's Florida Today and USA Today. Through the Gannett cartoonists syndicate his work appeared in daily papers around the U.S.. He accepts cartooning assignments from local personalities, often accepting beers in payment.