graphic designer

steve hall

creative graphic design for marketing & communications

company logos + identities
printed literature.

Over 45 years experience with national, regional and local companies, including major law firms, professional services, finance, publishing, and education.

law firms

experience with professionals in organizations of all sizes

Client TestimonialS:

"Steve Hall is a highly skilled designer with an uncanny ability to take a verbal concept, peer into your mind and translate it into exactly what you imagined, except better".  

"Not once have we ever had to say: “Nope, this isn’t what we had in mind,” because what Steve produces is always better than what we had in mind. In addition, his engaging personality and spirit of fun make him a talent that we eagerly look forward to working with on future projects."

providing prompt, reliable, and professional service with a dash of humor

Accurate estimates and work schedules.

Work delivered promptly without fuss, hand wringing and harrumphing.