Steve Hall

Cartoonist and Graphic Designer

I draw cartoons and create graphic designs.

I started sketching cartoons as a 1950's kid in the midwest and never stopped. As I got older -- living in the northeast -- I gravitated to Mad Magazine, New Yorker Magazine cartoons (I still collect the artist cartoon books), and advertising graphic design. I spent hours pouring over issues of Mad and NYM. At libraries I'd slowly turn the pages in the thick, glossy Art Directors Club of NY annuals. They had page after page of beautiful photography, headlines, and simple layouts. The die was cast for my career: drawing cartoons and design.


Between making rough sketches and inking strokes on my iPad, I design graphics, ads and logos for clients in Miami, New York, and for customers in my own small town. It turns out that there's no end to things that can be created.

I live in a dog town.

My side gig for spring/summer 2024 is a cartoon book about dogs in Fernandina Beach. Around here it's definitely a dog’s world. The book will be filled with cartoon dogs [some talking] and cartoon people [often bewildered]. The book is at the publishers and expected in the fall.

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I Draw Cartoons.

I do editorial cartoons.

I do ad art.

I do dinosaur art.

I do off beat art.

Why editorial cartoonists make the big bucks.

I Design Graphics.

I do ads.

I do logos.

I do signing.

I do campaigns.